Nikki Blaster

Nikki Blaster


Guitar World Magazine – How did you become a member of Aquanet?

Nikk Blaster – They actually found me being a peeping tom at a truckstop motel in town.

GW – You don’t find that gross?

NB – Do you watch porn?

GW – Yes

NB – Let’s face it, why rent the movie when you can watch live for free? Sports fans have ascribed to that point of view since the beginning of time.

GW – Point taken…continue with your story

NB – Anyway, during my travels, I was kidnapped by this cult of hot chicks. They forced me into a room and made me sweat out my disgusting habits. As I became a part of their “very loving” community, I noticed there was a bass instruction class on the bulletin board. I liked to fish, so I said “let’s give it a shot”. Well it wasn’t fishing. I did that for a couple of weeks. That’s when the audition for Aquanet happened.

GW – (shaking head)

NB – What are you shaking your head for? How many hot chick cults have taken you hostage?