Johnny ‘The Hell’ Razzor


The best drummer in inter-solar federation!


Built from the DNA and Screaming Ameba’s of the loudest drummers ever heard, Tommy Aldridge, Alex Van Halen and Vinnie Paul, spiced with the techniques of Neil Peart, Dave Weckl and Dennis Chambers and slow roasted with basting’s from Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker and Jerry Gaskill into the hardest hitting groove machine ever to pierce your ear drums.

Johnny HELL Razzor Hails from the mountains of WV, where the rivers flow with the CHUM of flared TEMPER’s and hard hitting BRICK MISTRESS’s. Classic Rock roots run deep through the forests and Dover Crossings feeding the distinct Prog Metal foliage of the mountains. Johnny was born into a tribe of Neanderthal Sasquatch hybrid beings known as Mountaineers. This is where he claims his early interest in hitting things with sticks came from. Running naked through the woods banging on trees was considered a viable form of communication while singing his tribal motto of the WV Mountains “where men are men and the Sheep are scared”. Drums came naturally to him at a very young age. His first band was made up of Wicked Kin Folk and local cave dwellers and was more of a hangout crew than anything else. They spent most of their time feeding their Three Hole Faces and Smoking Lizards than actually writing music, but when they finally found the hardest hitting groove since the Byzantine Empire Johnny knew he would never have Black Lung and that drumming was the path for him. Eventually all his banging, sheep chasing and snake handling led him to the Memphis area. This is where he met the local tribe of infidels known as AQUANET. They graciously accepted him into the group and continue to give Johnny an outlet for his obsession for banging things!