Haley Squire

Haley Squire


Hot, bothered, and wet. Those are the three words most people use after seeing Haley Squire perform live.


Born on a travelling circus somewhere in the Midwest, Haley Squire had early exposure to the notion of live performance and doing whatever you can to make a dollar. The son of the famous Bearded Lady and Elephant man, Haley was destined for greatness. While cleaning up elephant dung from Circus center and puke from patrons who watched the freak show, Haley would listen to local radio DJs spin Van Halen, The Scorpions, Whitesnake, Poison, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi. He caught every minute of MTV he could. Haley – “From a young age watching all the clowns, the bearded lady and the ape-man perform… I knew it was more than just about being good… you had to be good looking. They were barely paying bills while C.C. Deville and Mick Mars were making millions…and getting laid as average guitarists! That was the moment I traded in my pooper scooper and rags for a pair of spandex, a bottle of Aquanet and a killer guitar.” After abandoning his post on the Circus and leaving his parents and former life behind, Haley slummed the streets of LA looking for anyone that would let him play. Bouncing around trying to steal Slash’s, Edward Van Halen and George Lynch’s gigs… Haley, near burning out, stumbled into a chance meeting with Gunner Sweet. The rest is history…boring and awful history.


After over a decade of enduring grunge, rap, hip hop and every other awful form of music… Haley landed with Gunner’s highly revered Aquanet. With Axl Grese recently indisposed from extreme over indulgence… and literally not a single other guitarist available…Aquanet was forced to turn to Haley.

Haley – “Sometimes I get really down looking back at all of those wasted years… but then I look in the mirror and say.. Haley.. you’re Aquanet’s guitar player… you get paid like $25 per show, get free pizza and have at least 3 women that find you attractive… you’ve made it. After those pep talks.. I just keep livin’ the dream”